Hey there! So you want to
know more about me? 

Hi there. Raza here. You've landed on the right page. Now, sit back and let me take you through the journey of a dedicated professional with 20 plus years of experience thriving in the content marketing industry. I am Raza Hasnain Naqvi, the man behind the growing social media handle @BylineRaza talking! You do know that two decades in any field is no small feat, isn't it? 🙂

raza standing

Once upon a time, I sat at a desk as a journalist, editing away reports filed by reporters for an English daily newspaper. Six years flew by in the blink of an eye. Then, I decided to take my writing from a desk at a bustling newsroom to the wide, digital world. That's when ‘Byline Raza’ was born. So, no pressure, you're only dealing with a seasoned writer and editor here. With 20 plus years in the industry, I know a thing or two about stringing together words, editing and proofreading like a hawk, and styling content to please the digital big brother, Google!

My journey doesn't stop at crafting content. I have also written a few poems and short stories along the way. FYI, I'm also a certified digital marketer who enjoys making noise, umm, online. Google knows me pretty well - I'm a Level 8 Local Guide who loves sharing tidbits about local places and experiences. And would you believe it? My photos on Google Maps have garnered an astounding 8.9 million views. Good luck trying to beat that!

Now, let's drift into the realm of personal branding and personal growth. What do I mean, you ask? Well, I am also a personal branding enthusiast, I've spread my wings into the art of helping individuals build distinctive online personas. You know, the kind that makes them stand out from the digital crowd? 

Not only do I help others, but I am also a constantly evolving digital entity - learning, experimenting and growing my own personal brand 'Byline Raza'. It’s a lot like building my own castle while simultaneously showing others the most efficient way to build theirs. This journey is teaching me invaluable lessons about personal growth too. 

I am a solopreneur. My taste for content creation shines through my reels on Facebook and Instagram and shorts and long-form videos on YouTube. X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn take care of my writing expressions that I feel compelled to share on different topics. 

Shifting gears again, let's talk book editing. With my editorial background, I've professionally edited and proofread not one, not two, but six books. So, I'm nothing short of armed and ready to tackle your book editing needs!

And don't forget about my blogging experience! I've written business blogs for a client in the two-wheeler industry, perfectly merging my flair for writing with business-savvy insights. Yup, I can tailor SEO-focused, plagiarism-free content that sings to Google's algorithm. What's more, I harness the power of AI tools along with my content strategizing prowess to make a stronger impact.

Closing this "About" page, I'd like to believe I am way more than just a content marketer, podcaster or a solopreneur. I consider myself a guide for those embarking on the journey of book editing, book writing, personal branding and personal growth, a creator aiming to weave digital magic, and the heart and soul behind 'Byline Raza'. 

After all, as an idea-sharer and executor, I have many stories left to tell and numerous digital footprints yet to leave! 🤗