Unplugging from the Screen: Rediscovering the Joy of Reading in a Video-Driven World

graphic of man reading book while a tv show plays on

When was the last time you read a book?

I completed reading a book, a novel, yesterday. It was fiction, a YA novel written by an author I know. I have a book rack where I do keep my fiction and non-fiction book copies for easy reference.

I read a full novel after quite some time. Not only that, but I don't remember when was the last time I managed to read a book cover-to-cover. It must have been a long time. Interestingly, before I completed reading this novel, I was reading this novel and two other novels at the same time.

Then I decided that I should finish reading one book first and then pick up the next book and finish reading that book. In other words, one book at a time. I was reading the three books simultaneously, a few pages daily. It was fine, as I could track the stories that were being played out in front of me.

But then I remembered my objective in reading the books. I wanted to write book reviews of all the books that I finished reading. So logically, I needed to focus on one book, finish reading it and then review it and then start turning the pages of the next book.

I should also tell you that I am an avid watcher of online web series that keep getting updated on Netflix and Prime Video. Let's go with the slang 'Netflixer' for now. To be honest, I have 'Netflixed' hundreds of hours away, seeking quick entertainment and thrills from the video content that I have watched over the years.

Imagine the number of books I could have read had I invested those 'Netflixed' hours in them. The past is past. I still Netflix my hours away, but now I am very aware of what I am doing.

This realisation has now got me back on the book track. I am not completely unplugged from the screen, but I have now plugged myself on to the pages of books too. And, I am rediscovering the joy of reading in an age where I am also watching reels on Instagram and Facebook and Shorts on YouTube.

So, if you can't remember when you read a book last, or even what was the last book that you read till the last page, here I am encouraging you to start reading a book from today.

You may find that the book world is also as interesting as the video world.

Happy Reading :)

~ Raza | @bylineraza